Welcome to my site!

My name is Shar and I am so excited to start my own blog. I intend to share my experience with Panic attacks and other experiences that have helped me grow into the person I am today. Living with anxiety can be very difficult and it may steal away your pleasure of enjoying simple things that everybody is entitled to. This is my journey of how I overcame my fears and took a vow to do whatever it is that I wanted to without any FEAR!


There is always that element that makes us as humans wonder if we will be judged for what we say or type! I would write anonymously and then delete my blog pages! All of us have ONE LIFE and have only ONE SHOT of making the most of what we have. After struggling for 2 years with doubts I ‘ve decided to embark on this journey.


If you are somebody who relates to these words in any way, we might be able to help each other grow bit by bit every day! Snippets from my life, covering a little bit of everything is going to be fun for me, and hopefully, it’s going to be fun for you as well.


I hope you like the content I bring to you.




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